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Gowtham sir always thinks about the wellbeing of the people, he will never have any expectation from the people who approaches him. He is very simple person. He is not like typical astrologer. He is the person who believes in doing good work to the society. He tries to  provides solutions to the problem using his experience. He has studied astrology and he has quite a bit of good  experience.  He does his best to provide solutions or ways to minimise bad times in one's life. He is not the person who forget things after giving the solution, he follow ups and try to understand whether remedies provided is working well or not. In my life he has played significant role , when I was searching for life partner he gave right suggestions looking at my Jathaka and helped me even getting right Muhrtha and he was present  during my weeding  as a well as a well wisher to make sure  everything goes good, Its been one year since I married and I can say I am very happy with my Married life, few ups and down are there but I can say that most of the things are happening the way he described.


He is easy to approach and solution what he gives are simple to follow and more importantly I felt its gives confidence to face the situation. We treat Gowtham as one of our family friend.

Mrs. Pratibha


Whenever I hear the lines "Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu", it just reminds me of Gowtham who is one of the few people who actually means it when they utter it and work towards it!


It's my honor to write few words about the passionate astrologer who is so humble in whom you can find a reliable friend and well wisher. The way he boosts up your morale and give you positive vibes when you feel completely down is ultimate. Unlike other professional astrologers he won't scare you and suggest expensive remedies, rather advises you simple and scientific solution giving you enough strength and confidence to face the problems. It's a rare gift what he got at the young age and the willingness to help the community in his own way.


Mr. Munindra


​Gowtham sir's predictions and services has uplifted the confidence in me. He has provided a multitude of  information along with precise predictions. He will be always be available to help us in multiple scenarios with an instant message service to our queries.


I used to reach him mostly verifying marriage match making and he was courteous to reply to us each time with a detailed information. With this, I wish them all the best for their future endeavors.



"A good teacher is not the one who teaches, but the one who inspires the students to learn" this famous saying best suits Mr Gowtham. He has been a major encouragement factor for me to learn and do a bit of home work in the field of astrology. He has always shown keen interest in clearing my doubts, making the concepts clear n more over laying a strong basis to understand what astrology is all about. He is a very knowledgeable person with experience in   astrology. He makes time in his busy schedule n goes on explaining the concepts very clearly. His concepts are crystal clear and he has abundance amount of patience to go back and forth in a chart to present the concepts simple. He best part of his approach is that he never scares about anything,instead he gives simple indication and very simple solution to it. I heart fully wish him the very very best in life and in his future endeavors.

Dr. Manasa


Life happens... And so it did happen with me. And it is a common practice in India to resort to astrology and divine intervention when this happens. Unfortunately there are many astrology consultants and as many opinions, which makes the situation worse for us, who are ignorant with this knowledge.

I met Mr. Gowtham through one of our common friends and I was truly amazed with the clarity of his explanation and the simplicity of his solutions. Since then I have been in constant touch with him and his solutions are truly practical. I wish him all the best in his new venture. 


Dr. Mahesh Kumar KB


Hare Krishna, 
In this age of Kali knowledge is lost,honesty is lost & humanity is lost. & it's  difficult to find  people with these qualities & I found this in Gowthm sir.
My experience with Gowtham Narayan prabhu has being simply amazing & wonderful . He is not only an excellent astrologer with a mastery on  the subject but also a wonderful human being who gives motivation  and  right guidance unlike other astrologers who put fear of divine planets  in us..I highly recommend  Gowtham  sir guidance & consultation and personally feel that one should definitely have a friend &  astro consultant like him to help us decode our  Karmic path through the ancient mother  science of Astrology.

Mrs. Sunita


Sometimes in life when you feel there is nothing more good left for you, if we are lucky we meet someone who makes you get back the feeling of yes we still have lot more in life. Yes it was Gowtham who gave me back the confidence of enjoying life as it comes. Live for yourself, have friends go out enjoy. Take things positively. Believe in yourself. These are just words which I am mentioning but when someone whom you are speaking to first time tells you all if you really have patience to listen and start back a new life. Yes, then he is the one who has given you the understanding of life. One such wonderful person is Gowtham. Be it anytime he is there to listen to you and give a practical solution. There are many who can suggest but there will be very few who can make a impact in your life. That is this man.

Mrs. Amulya


I know Gowtham before he was a professional astrologer and every time we met we had a great sense of respect and being senior to me his hospitality and the way of selflessness bw us always made me to respect him. And when I saw him during his bad days and how he handled it. I was impressed. And I started discussing about my own secrets which he ensured was able to rectify the core route through his astrological knowledge. I was mesmerised when he questioned me about my dad seeing my kundali and the question was my dad's two marriages. There are few mind boggling instance with him during my bad days which helped me to regain and retain my self. And I greatly respect his knowledge of Astro science. And I feel the way he work is not like a astrologer his connection with me is like a friend, teacher, well wisher and like a person who has nothing to deal with me but can deal for me. That Great. And when ever he spoke or discussed, the way he spoke was like my own internal voice is trying to help me, suggest me and protect me. That's the simplicity of Gowtham. He never tried to inject, he never tried to scare me, he never tried to command me. Such a sweet and sensible way of dealing people like me. Really inspiring and respectful. Thank u Gowtham  sir for being a such a simple and sensible part of my life.


Mr. Rohit Shivakali



I was in search of genuine astrologer, who predicts past n tells about future, helps to give remedies for our problems. My friend suggested Gowtham guruji, I met guruji with my wife. I was surprised to listen guruji words about my past and my problems, a very calm, interesting gave in-detail information about my Jataka. He told simplest remedies for my problems. He is practising Astrology with passion with out any expectations. I'am getting more interest in astrology after consulting him.



Heart full of thanks to Gowtham guruji..

Mr.Kiran Kumar










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