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Gowtham Narayana Rao, Graduate in Communications Engineering & served in many communication and IT companies, I am deeply interested in philosophy, Puranas & Vedanta having taken my first lessons from my mother. I developed this interest in Vedic Astrology and began practicing Vedic Astrology as a hobby, advising relatives and friends as required.

 I have completed three years course in Astrology at Bharatiya Jyothish Samsthan & have participated in many seminars at national & international level.

I am conducting research in Astrology to accurately assess the characteristics of a person and Heath using Medical Astrology based on Native's Chart. 

I have been actively consulting & interested in problem solving via counselling.

​In addition have involved teaching & exploring other systems of astrology and have interacted with eminent people in this field.


Decoding ‘classical texts’ to applied knowledge, propagating the art and science of astrology, each of these were a resounding success where many got benefited.

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